Users Guide to Google Webmaster Tools

Sep 28 2011

When I first logged into Google Webmaster Tools about a year ago, I was in awe at the tools that Google gives webmasters for control over their websites.   In that time, the Google has continued to add additional tools to help us out.

Last week I was setting up some friends on WordPress, so I had to use a few of these tools to tell the Google search engine spider how to interact with these websites.   While doing this, it struck me that I’ve never really seen a good Google Webmaster Tools guide that educates people of the tools available and explains how to properly use them.

Well, it was still about halfway down on my “to-do” list when I got up today, but now I don’t have to!  I was happy to run across a great guide on Daily Blog Tips this morning called The Blogger’s Guide to Google Webmaster Tools.  Stephen’s guide explains how to verify your blog, then shows you how to use all of the other tools that Google’s Webmaster Tools offers.  It pretty much covers everything I was going to, so I recommend you go check it out!

Are you taking advantage of this opportunity to tell Google how to index your website?

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