How To: Create Your Own Feed Flare

Sep 28 2011

One of the great features of having your feed with Feedburner is the ability to easily integrate your website’s feed with one of their most popular features, FeedFlare. This can be found by going to the Optimize tab and clicking on FeedFlare.

However, unlike in the movie Office Space where you are required to have at least 16 pieces of flare at all times, with FeedFlare you can pick how many you want to display and actually choose from a bunch of existing flares, or create your own custom flare for your feed. I’ve seen numerous reasons for creating a custom flare, ranging from adding a copyright notice to your feed, to announcing contests, promoting posts, or even advertising affiliate links to your readers.

Making a custom FeedFlare is actually pretty easy, so I decided to draft up a quick post on how to make one. First, you need create a document in the .xml format and paste some code into it. In order to simply this part, I just went ahead and created a document that you can right-click and save (and name it whatever you want). Now edit the document and fill in the appropriate information in the fields where it asks you to.

Once you’ve got your document saved, just follow these steps:

  1. Upload it to your website somewhere (most people just drop it in there public_html folder).
  2. Locate the URL of the document (if placed in the public_html folder, it should be at
  3. Now go to your FeedFlare section of your Feedburner account and paste this URL where it says “Add New Flare.”
  4. Activate your new FeedFlare!

Any questions? Post them in the comments below!

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