Google PageRank Penalty Confirmed, Causes Blogger Panic

Sep 28 2011

It looks like the buzz all around the blogosphere today is the recent confirmation that Google’s interest in paid advertising comes from how Google PageRank is calculated, which uses inbound links to determine page relevance. While this has been rumored to be in the works since Google announced that it was against their policies to have paid links and sponsored reviews, it seems to have taken many bloggers by surprise.

So, now that the penalty has been confirmed, what does this mean for bloggers? I think it is to early to tell, but I have noticed several bloggers dropping all together and quit doing paid reviews over the past few months in preparation.

The problem is, this doesn’t leave a whole lot of options for part time bloggers who rely on Google to send them traffic. If you don’t feel like sacrificing Google PageRank in order to monetize your blog, it looks like you are going to have to use rel=nofollow with any of your banners, text links, or other advertising to avoid possible penalties.

Part of this site’s income actually comes from Text Link Ads, so I definitely have an interest in this. About a month ago, I noticed my Google PageRank actually dropped from PR5 (which I had been at for over a year), to where it is now at PR3. I thought it was due to a major overhaul I did to this website, but now it looks like I could have been penalized. At this point, I don’t have any plans to drop TLA, as it encompasses a large portion of my income, but I will definitely be looking into this further.

Has your site been penalized by Google over the past two months?

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