Add GMail to Facebook with FMail

Sep 28 2011

I’ve spent a fair amount of time talking about Facebook on this blog, especially since Facebook applications were released. Since Facebook allowed developers to create Facebook applications, there have been some incredible applications created for us to use. One thing that was always missing was the ability to integrate your e-mail into your Facebook page.

It looks like that is no longer the case for Gmail users, as of the recent release of the Facebook application FMail now lets you check your GMail account from within your Facebook profile page.

Features included are most of the GMail features you’ve come to expect, including tabs for your mailbox actions (Inbox, Stars, Deleted Items, etc.), as well as the ability to compose new e-mails from within your profile page. If you are happy actually going to GMail to check your mail, I recommend you keep an eye on this application, as other features have been promised in future releases. I have a feeling this is one of those Facebook applications that will only get better over time.

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