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Secure connections via safe data connection

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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) can be founded in ethernet. Some websites are offering SSL-certificates. Normally, you find Secure Sockets Layer when you want to order something in a shop and you have to enter personal information like name,city and payment-data. When you use SSL it is high quality connection being encrypted between a webserver and a webbrowser. Secure Sockets Layer is used by millions of websites to protect online transactions.
If you want to use a Secure Sockets Layer connection a SSL-certificate is necessary. If you want to create a safer connection you can activate on your webserver SSL. Then you have to answer lots of questions about your website and your company. This is important to identify your site. After you answered all questions, you receive 2 keys. They are created by your web server and they are cryptographic keys. One oft hem ist a private key and another is a public key.
Certificate informations
Your details are saved in data files. In a Certificate Signing Request (=CSR) you can find the public key. After creating CSR, you have to submit this. The certification authority validates details from yourself and creates a SSL certificate. Your issued Secure Sockets Layer certificate will match to your received private key. After that, webserver is able to create an encrypted link between a customer and your website.
Security from Secure Sockets Layer Certifications
Secure Sockets Layer protocol is invisible for website users. User providers’ receive a message they are using an SSL connection and if they agree with it. If they want to, they can read now certificate information. Normally, that means, user can see domain name, company name, address, country city and state. Furthermore, expiration date of the certificate is displayed, too. Most browser automatically opens a text message, if a website doesn’t contain a Secure Sockets Layer certificate and send a warning message. Browser check trustment information about certification authority. If an user opens an unsecure website, browser send warning to user that SSL certificate is wrong or old.

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